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Assumptions: Telephone basic features remain constant with: call answer, call receipt, transfer and conference. Cloud offsite PBX and onsite PBX do all of this. Both have near identical advanced additional features with integration of cell and computers applications.

Cloud PBX telephone installations have no local onsite control. There is no Key or PBX system control. Just connect to the Internet using data network connections via the Internet. Financial considerations includes monthly payment forever and no equity.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Broad options. Financial considerations includes monthly payment for a maximum of sixty months with equity.

There are many, many Independent VoIP providers including Novacom.
Assuming you have well performing local computer network, connect a VoIP telephone to the computer outlet and reconnect the computer to the telephone to get VoIP telephones. The old digital wires are not needed, and no onsite telephone system control is needed*.  The phone shares the same connection with the respective staffer's computer. The calling services are elected to be traditional lines or digital managed by the VoIP provider. A VoIP telephone's connection voice clarity may be impacted by transmission of large data files over the Internet; dropped words, etc. 
* Please note, in New Jersey, codes require that you remove old wires not used; very costly. 

Cloud VoIP Providers-Often very large firms and others are providers with minimal cash resources.
The internal operation of telephones are the same as Independent Providers. The difference is that the provider: provides lines, recommends, or uses existing calling services.

Independent or Cloud assumes that your local Computer Network (LAN) is up to standards:
    Your LAN connection should be CAT 5 or CAT 6 certified with no data switch issues-If not, new switches are recommended;
    Your data connections, applications, in-house and transmitted via the Internet, can be impacted the added voice needed for VoIP     voice; and  Cloud service or VoIP using Internet for voice must have sufficient capacity, usually based on Internet speed  measured in Millions of Bits per Second (MBS) to handle traffic**
**The digital telephones you use now does may not have interaction with data, and is, therefore, not vulnerable to these issues.

What is needed to get the best telephone system services?
    Voice connections need to be clear and free from echo or dropped packets (dropped words);
    Cloud providers engineers must manage their off site resources, 24X7 timeframes are recommended;
    Vendors need to insure onsite repairs include lines and telephone repairs;
    Hosted often have limited onsite training support and "minimal one on one" training;
    Hosted vendors provide telephones with complicated access codes to employ features reducing their end user costs;
    Providers should offer alternative unlimited free USA calling programs; 
    Providers must offer an onsite connection mode to a backup service; and 
    Connect remote site users.
Issues with VoIP services:
    What is packet loss (dropped words)? Click for a VoIP conversation out of control:
    Please click graphic for an often encountered issue. 

Every busness needs a backup and clear voice quality including:
    Novacom's Backup Strategies include an offsite backup; two systems for cost of one system;
    Onsite systems transmit reliable voice without echoes and dropped words; and 
    Novacom's unique approach includes onsite calling services with dual Internet, 

What is on this page
The Cloud (Hosted or Managed) telephone system, offsite PBX, versus the latest digital PBX onsite is a matter of costs and functions. The on site PBX usually is proven to be the best choice at a lower price point.