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Data Networking-Productivity driven by computer performance measured by access data times; faster is preferred.
Today's business relies substantially on its computers being correctly connected to each other, its printers, and ,especially, connection to the Internet. 

The key to the connections, called networking employing Ethernet, an industry standard for connection of digital devices, and includes: 
    The workstation (computer);
    Its wire to a data switch with the cable rated data transmission speed-now at 1,000,000,000 called     Gigabit (GB);
    The internet connection, often more than one, is the gateway to the world wide web (www).

​Novacom's approach to networking is based on engineering to the specification for GB, fast,  connectivity. The connection of devices including: cables, data switches, routers, video, Access Control, and telephones.  

Base on Novacom's decades of experience, most small to mid sized business need organization of Ethernet networking ad replacement of obsolete components especially firewalls needed for Internet security. 

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